It’s been a month…

So that was January?!
I got a slower start to the year than I had planned. I managed to finish a few pieces. Beginning the year I followed the advice in a letter published by the late Robert Genn many years ago, to ‘go to my room’… useful advice as it is where I look around at previous work, sort supplies, review reference photos, and generally just think, all of which is part of the creative process.

First up, revisiting a couple of small ones started in December that I felt needed a few tweaks here and there. The ability to play a bit was quite liberating. It was fun experimenting with brush strokes and pushing paint around, working on these small 10x10s.

Feeling a need to ease into the new year I decided on a seascape, they always bring me joy. Having successes at the easel are always good for a dose of courage to try something more challenging.

Seaweed Stroll 16in x 20in

That said, this next piece provided that in abundance. I was quite pleased with the result so definitely food for thought for a larger one. 

Serenity 24in x 12in

The thing I love most about painting is being able to step back from my work and appreciate the process I came through, learn from that and take those lessons to my next piece. Each day brings another opportunity.

Drama Queens 24in x 12in

Inspiration for this last piece came from the dramatic sunrise skies we have enjoyed this month. I had the desire to work with warmer hues so attempted to capture one.

Here’s something exciting! 

Kind of last minute I decided to submit to a call for a Federation of Canadian Artists Exhibition, one of those ‘don’t know until you try, right?’ moments.

I submitted three smaller pieces inspired by my favourite trees, the arbutus. I chose to focus on parts of the trees to capture the unique shapes and textures of their trunks.

“the whole is greater than the sum of its parts” 


I’m very pleased to announce Arbutus II (left one above), an 8 x10, has been accepted by the jury into the Shape and Form Exhibition at the Federation of Canadian Artists Gallery on Granville Island in Vancouver which runs from February 21st-March 5th.

This exhibition, which includes sculpture, promises to be very interesting. If you are in the area, drop by. The show can also be viewed on line here:

A good start to the year! My goal is to post an update monthly.

Til next time!

Published by Jenny Adams

Described as one who sees the art in nature, it is here where my endless inspiration comes from. Loving the challenge of capturing the feeling of where I stand, I enjoy recreating that feeling on canvas.

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