Turning the corner…

Hello again! Time to give you a bit of an update. I am happy to report my piece Serenity has sold to one of my collectors. I am so thankful for their continued support of my art journey.

Serenity 24 x 12 SOLD

I completed a couple of pieces this month, both inspired by the views close the home.

Sunscreen 20in x 20in
In the Pocket 24in x 20in

I feel like we have finally turned the corner with Spring-like weather arriving. The warmth of that sunshine feels so great! It’s so inspiring to get out more on my bike or take in nature while out on a trail running or hiking. Lots of photos taken, so stay tuned for new work.

Turning a corner personally somewhat as well. In my March update I mentioned submitting to a local art show as well as the TD Moss Street Paint In scheduled for July. Unfortunately, I was not successful in either submission this time.

This brings me to a place I call ‘benefits of disappointment.’ We all experience disappointment, it’s not only part of life but serves as an important reminder. What comes to mind for me is the courage I had to ‘put myself out there’ as well as an awareness of the importance of acceptance. As many would say, jurying is so subjective which may be so. However, isn’t the reason we submit our work is in hopes of being selected? Of course.

The take away for me is …yes, this is true, acceptance is great but the bigger goal is to maintain my passion for creating art I love first, if this love translates to others, bonus!

Onward! Squeeze out some paint, keep the passion alive! You never know what’s around the corner.

Til next time,


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Published by Jenny Adams

Described as one who sees the art in nature, it is here where my endless inspiration comes from. Loving the challenge of capturing the feeling of where I stand, I enjoy recreating that feeling on canvas.

2 thoughts on “Turning the corner…

  1. Wise words Jenny! Disappointment is real but the joy from creating what we love so much is tenfold in its rewards! Squeeze that paint and work your magic! ✨

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